A pixie from Estinna's Garden


Magical items:

Total gold before any purchases is 71065 after selling anything extra
Rod of bodily restoration – 3100
Quiver of energy – 15000
Vest of resistance 3 – 9000
Strong-arm bracer – 6000
Sizing ench – 5000
Raptor arrow 6000
3 vest total is 44100
Healing belt – 750
Transposer cloak – 6000
Troll gut rope – 500
Ring of the force wall – 5100
Iun stone for plus 2 dex -8000
Iun stone for plus 1 ac – 5000
Artificers monacle – 1500


Born and raised in Estina’s Garden, Foxglove lived a rather uneventful life, content to play simple pranks she would play on the unprepared visitors.

Her first taste of adventure though and she was hooked. It began many years ago, when she assisted a Paladin hunt a witch through a town. While it may have only taken a few hours before it was done, the thrill of the hunt had sunk its teeth into the pixie and was not going to let go. So when she cought wind that a cleric from the temple was going on an extersion to assist a neighboring town she snuck into her pack and has never looked back.


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