Welcome to Part 2!

-29,000 XP 30,000 GP
-1 Item from the Pixie Cave List(The List will soon be posted in the wiki page with some additions)
-An additional 500 XP will be rewarded for any one who details their Characters exploits between parts 1 and 2. Note that the bonus XP for backstories is still available for those who haven’t written one yet.


Welcome to part 2 of our shared Campaign setting! you’ve scored some early victories but things are about to get rough. The plots kicking into high gear. Something lies at the top of the “Great Lighthouse”, defended by all the resources of a powerful adventuring Party.

An organization of black coated individuals called “The Void” seek it and three like it. However the subterfuge they have undertaken before is replaced. Now they step into the light. Moving overtly towards their goals. Though their goals are still a mystery to you. Krom Ogloff, a human noble has used the fame and respect of his Great Grandfather to re-build the ancient City-State of Disingard and wears his ties openly. Your foe Walla-Sar has disappeared and no more attacks have been made against you. However she wanted your death desperately. Its doubtful that changed. Hags, Goblinkind, and Ogres form mighty alliances, which the The Void is apart of . Perhaps most troubling however is the silence from the north. 6 months ago a mass of refugees at the Kings cross-roads. they could tell the King little. Massive fires burned village after village and the Grand Forrest to cinders.

and they are not the only organization which appears to covet the Items. A group has been asking around all across the continent. Of your actions, and of the items. They seem to be trying to get your interest. The “Hand of the Prism” as they call themselves are always described the same. Strait-forward men and women wearing overly pressed uniforms. Each uniform is white with their sign on the chest. Can these be the same men who over came The Night Hags camp before you arrived? Either way they could be dangerous.

Additional Notes
-Soon I will post a quick description of the major NPC’s and there actions during the break.
-Each member of the Party has been receiving incredibly vivid dreams lately. I will be posting these as well.
-Added to this page will be suggestions for everyones characters(prestige Classes, Feats so on)

1. Banded Mail of Luck
2. Luck Blade
3. Viper Rod
4. Robe of Useful Items
5. Pipes of Frenzied Revelry
6. Horn of Blasting
7. Ring of Wizardry(1)
8. Ax of Anger
9. Bone Breaker Armor
10. Pixie Bow
11. Hammer of Magesmith
12. Lance of Unending Charge
13. Songblade
14. Whirling Axe
15. Wand Braclet
16. Strongarm Braclet
17. Prayer Beads, Greater
18. Banner of Valor

A Broken World

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