A Broken World

Muther's Journal 3

Barbra Ann’s Log

Who in the world is Barbra Ann?
Muther don’t know. Lotsa people call Muther Barbra Ann though.
I see.
h1. Barbra Ann’s Barbarian’s Log
h2. RageDate: day Muther saw a bunny!
Has been many much days since Muther flew from tower. Mighty Muther has conquered many bad guys during the days. One adventure, there was rain many days and nights. Stupid rain never stop! The mighty river start to get higher and higher! As water begin to come, Muther call for pixies and find safe dry cave. This cave only had trolls in it, Muther take care of easy. But bestst adventure was playing hide and seek with Pixies in different caves. There was big ugly monster in cave. Muther had to protect pixies so monster didn’t eat them up! Pulled out magic axe, ant cut up large ugly monster into two medium half monsters. But half monsters is cheaters! They turns and attck when they need to be dead. Muther make sure they stay dead this time, after chopping them into tiny bits!



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