A Broken World

Muther's Journal 2

Bad guys, they die easy. Muther fight them. They bring bad wolves, kill them too. Then big bad guy come, we take him easy. Stupid bad guy think fight good sleep time. We talk to shiny blue lady. She talk for long time, boring boring. So we go and free good guys. New Guy give Muther toy. New Guy is good guy. We go back to town, Robit talk to other guy, name Consbul. Consbul is grumpy, but give money. Then Puppet disappear! Muther look for Puppet long time, then she come back with Grumpy Lady. Grumpy Lady yell too much. But she use magic make Muther big strong. So that happen good. We go get drinks, Robit drink bad. But he get lady friend. Later she killed with arrow, but not all the way dead. Grumpy Lady fix, leave Robit hurt. Stupid Grumpy Lady. We fight bad guys, they use fire, and mighty Muther smash bad building! RAWR! So, we then go talk to dead guys. Grumpy Lady breaks dead guys. I smash one because he stupid. Then ugly ladies and BIG bad guy come attack. I kill big big bad guy. But ladies cheat, and Muther get hurt. Then ladies disappear. We decide go kill many more bad guys, they try hurt shiny lady. So we leave town, attacked by even bigger lizard thing. New Guy give magic treat to Muther, make Muther big. Muther kill lizard dead. All the way dead, not like Robit’s lady friend. Muther good at axe.



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