A Broken World

Foxgloves adventures

Foxgloves journey

After leaving the garden, foxglove went back to the town with muther and moonshadow, where muther got his wings, though he was sad that they were not strong enough to let him fly. They found the paladin and agreed to help him take all the shiny things out of the large tower. Once there however, they saw just how large the tower was. Moonshadow, foxglove, and muther then all decided to race to the top… From the outside. Foxglove finished first, with  moonshadow a close second, and muther a distant third. Once atop the tower the three saw just how large the world was and immediately decided that they wanted to see all of it, so the pixies shot off towards the horizon, and muther followed, forgetting he couldn’t fly. Thankfully the wings were large enough to let him glide down slowly though, and thus their journey began.

They traveled together for the most part, only separating for a day or two if one of them got bored, or distra-  ooh, like the one time foxglove spent 2 days in a tree with ropes tied to it, moving the branches to make it look like it was going to eat anyone who passed by, including one guy who attempted to relieve himself on the tree. Though he did relieve himself while he was running away, he forgot his belt that foxglove later found out could heal injuries.

Not to say it was all fun and games though. Like the one time they stumbled upon a cave of trolls. It was starting to rain heavily, and muther didn’t like it, and saw a small stream start to rise and panicked, so they ran for the first cave they could find. They were several dozen paces in before muther stopped running, and by that time they were surrounded. Luckily muther still had his axe though and made short work of the trolls. Afterwards they made up a game where one of them jumped up and down, while the other two tried to trip them with the trolls guts. After seeing how far their guts could stretch foxglove took some time and cut about 50ft of one to use as a new rope.

Or the time that.. Well… Let’s just say they found a beast master, and helped him in return for training foxgloves worg. they don’t want to talk about that part anymore.

And so this continued as they traveled far and wide. Swamps, mountains, caves and cities, they became worldly in their travels, collecting exotic and strange items from doing favors, or trading for them. It was everything they had imagined traveling the world would be, until that fateful day.

They were just leaving a large town that they had rescued from a band of gnome mercenaries that were holding the children of the town hostage in return for payments every week. They were quite upbeat after breaking the band apart, and didn’t hear them in the forests just off the road. The majority of the group ran straight at them. As muther began splitting them like small logs, foxglove caught sight of a gnome applying a poison to an arrow and aiming it at muthers heart. Foxglove flew over to cover muther and take the arrow. Just as she got in position the arrow was loosed, the gnome wearing a sinister smile on his face. A moment too late, foxglove noticed it wasn’t the poisoned arrow she had seen, but a cold iron arrow the gnome had switched out at the last moment. Foxglove tried to get out of the way, but was too late. The arrow caught her in the right eye, at an angle that came out her right temple. She fell.
Moonshadow flew down to tend to foxglove and muther went into a terrifying frenzy that left every single gnome hacked into small bits by the end of it. Moonshadow was able to remove the arrow and keep foxglove conscious long enough for her to use her belt, but the eye was already lost. 

Things were different after that. While they continued to travel, foxglove was a bit different. A little more careful, a little less cheerful, and generally darker in mood. But they continued on, wandering into a dark, twisted town…



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