A Broken World

Ehlonna's Travels

So after saying good bye to all my companions, I stayed in Estina’s to complete my studies and try to work on my anger that seemed to bother my companions. While spending several months in Estina I started to remember why I left to many pixies. Well as I was about to keave I was told they needed my help in a war that has gotten out of hand. Relizing I had nothing to do our anyone to help so I said i would help.

Well day one of war not in the front lines yet. Some sort of training and I still don’t even know why I fighting or even who but its better than wandering by by self. They have given me these boots that hide my steps and allow me to turn invidble once per day to avoid being caught and this amulet that when I heal someone I also heal myself. I have brother patrick from Estinas garden for the wonderful payerbeads. He wouldn’t let me leave without me taking them.

Day two they seem to have a problem they lost th ere main healer and that makes me the highest level cleric and that worries me cause I’m not taking orders from any enexperianced person, I think itstime I find out what this war is even about cause this makes me kinda nervous not like when muther and pixies nervous, now that I think about it I wonder if they are having fun helping Zachery. I hope he can keel them safe and out of trouble, well I’m kinda glad I’m not the one who is watching them.

Well its been 3 weeks since I’ve had time to my self, well I found out what this war is about demons have been threating to take over our world and for some reason they have recruited goblins and orcs and knolls and many other evil people. Well we lost like 20 people today that were under my order, I’m not sure this is my best idea I’ve seen so many people die, I love my god and I want to have faith we will win but I don’t know.

2 months this war is at a stand still I’ve lost my second in command, jones he was fleeing with me and a kobold threw a fire ball at us and jones took most the damage, I tried my best to save him but I was low on spells and I stupidly left my true rez scroll in Estinas garden with patrick along with my other possesions, Jones was my resposiblity and I failed him now I have to tell his family I failed him and he won’t be coming home.

Its been almost six months we finnally have pushed them back I tried to send a message bird to see how muthur and the pixies are and to see how zachery are doing, but I’m not sure if I will hear back from them I kinda miss them I could really use some random problem they could come up with cuz this war is kinda deppresing.

Still at war losing track of days but I’m losing faith in myself I haven’t heard back from zachery ormuthur or even foxglove I miss moonshadow I could use a nice conversation right now hopefully I hear from someone soon I’m getting worried.

No longer sure what day is it got trapped behind enimies lines not sure if they are looking for me still or if they have given up,hoping the war is close to being done. Well just my luck a palidan found me and has taken me back to camp, word is there is a retreat on the other side they have decided to send me back to Estinas garden.

Well I’m back in the garden its been a whole yr away from my companions and now I’m worried I heard from a fellow passing thru the garden that zachery has made it to the top of the tower but he never saw a orc or 2 pixies a while he was there I’m not sure what to do.

Well its been 3 days back in the garden and I’ve fallen in love I’ve lost track of everything James is a wondeful guy he is the palidan that got me out of enemy territorie. He stuck around the garden and has been a wonderful distraction I tried another letter. To zachery we will see if I get a responce this time if not I’m leaving to find them.

Well I never got a responce and I actually didn’t leave James has asked me to marry him I told him yes but I had to go search for my compaions cause its been way to long for no word, so I’ve got a 3 month travel ahead of me before I can come back to the garden to be with my love hopefully my friends r safe and they have been busy.



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